Sunrooms & Patio Rooms

Sunrooms-Patio-RoomsDesigned for year-round living, our solarium, patio enclosure and sun room designs can be customized to fit your lifestyle and will enhance the beauty and value of your home.

Traditional and contemporary sunrooms and conservatories will add light, elegance and a spacious look that will blend perfectly with any style home.

Each patio room, conservatory and sunroom design comes in a variety of sizes, roof and frame finishes, door choices and many other features. Click Here to view our gallery

straight-EaveStraight-Eave Glass Sunroom

A glass patio enclosure brings the outdoors in, all year long simplicity and subtlety make the straight lines of our classic glass sunroom a seamless addition to your home.

Our patio enclosure models include traditional and contemporary designs, with finished aluminum exteriors and interiors, and even natural wood interior beams in some styles.

Choose a Sun and Shade glass sunroom (with an insulated, solid roof) or a Sun and Stars glass sunroom (with a CONSERVAGLASS SELECT roof) – both provide year-round comfort and energy efficiency.


straight-Eave-2Whether you desire a compact balcony to a rambling great room, a Four Seasons straight eave glass sunroom addition and patio enclosure will add beauty, light, and elegance to your home.

Available in 4 Styles

Solid Roof Sunroom or Patio Room with Aluminum Frame
Glass Roof Sunroom or Patio Room with Aluminum Frame
Glass Roof Sunroom or Solarium with Wood Interior
Glass Roof Sunroom or Patio Enclosure with Vinyl Cladding


curved-eaveCurved Eave Solarium Designs

A refined sun room patio enclosure with an elegant curved eave.

The graceful lines and elegant symmetry of our curved eave solarium designs complement your home’s existing roofline for a polished, finished look.

Choose this beautiful sun room patio enclosure and you’ll own the solarium that made Four Seasons famous.

Select a solarium with a slim, contemporary aluminum profile, or one with the warm natural feel of Northern White Pine beams. All-year comfort is standard with every sun room patio enclosure!



The exclusive, patented, multi-coated CONSERVAGLASS SELECT windows ensure longevity, safety and an energy efficiency you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether it’s an urban loft oasis or a rustic country retreat, a Four Seasons curved eave solarium will blend beautifully with your home.

Available in 2 Styles

Glass Roof Sunroom or Patio Room with Aluminum Frame
Glass Roof Sunroom or Solarium with Wood Interior

soaringSoaring Cathedral Sunrooms and Patio Room Enclosure

Dramatic use of light and space drive our cathedral sunroom designs, adding a new dimension to your home and lifestyle.

Enjoy a breathtaking living area — with the same energy efficient features as all of our glass sunroom additions.

The vaulted ceiling and CONSERVAGLASS SELECT walls combine to offer style and comfort in equal measure.

Four Seasons Sunrooms cathedral glassrooms feature a front peaked wall that welcomes light and extends your outdoor views, while creating an airy, spacious feel within.


You’ll enjoy year-round comfort and superior energy efficiency in a sunroom that’s built to last — while soaring2adding significant investment value to your home.

Available in 4 Styles

Solid Roof Sunroom or Patio Room with Aluminum Frame
Glass Roof Sunroom or Patio Room with Aluminum Frame
Glass Roof Sunroom or Solarium with Wood Interior
Glass Roof Sunroom or Patio Enclosure with Vinyl Cladding


tradTraditional Glass Room Conservatories with Contemporary Construction

Recreating classical architectural designs with maintenance-free and energy efficient modern structures, Four Seasons Sunrooms offers masterpieces of design in its English-Style Conservatories — where classical design and contemporary construction combine for the ultimate in all-season luxury living.

Choose from ornate Victorian sunroom styles or stately Georgian sunroom models, in a broad selection of sizes and formats — from intimate retreats to opulent pool enclosures.

Complement your home with a glass room addition of stunning individuality and structural grace.


trad2Available in 4 Styles

Victorian Conservatory with Aluminum Frame
Georgian Conservatory with Aluminum Frame
Victorian Conservatory with Wood Interior
Georgian Conservatory with Wood Interior
Victorian Conservatory with Vinyl Cladding
Georgian Conservatory with Vinyl Cladding



The Hampton Room

More than just your ordinary room addition… it’s EXTRAORDINARY! If you’re looking to add more style to your lifestyle, nothing quite comes close to the Hampton Room by Four Seasons.

With its magnificent exterior, the first impression will be of superbly constructed elegance, and the lasting impression will be of an investment well made.

European Inspiration… American Innovation Combining the very best of European building excellence with a generous helping of Italian inspiration, The Hampton Room is, quite simply, a revelation. More than just a room with a glass roof, the Hampton Room is a unique building concept that exceeds expectations and totally redefines the room addition.

Beautiful, isn’t it? The idea that you can take the design concept behind a traditional room addition, marry it with the aesthetic appeal of a sunroom, and spectacularly reinvent it… At Four Seasons we’re renowned for transforming light and space in all kinds of homes.

And now, we’re about to transform your lifestyle as never before. Impressively built with all the style and solidity of a typical room addition, The Hampton Room will add substantial value to your home, making it an excellent investment at a surprisingly affordable price.

For more information, set up your FREE, no-obligation in-home design consultation and ask your local representative about this amazing new alternative to a boring room addition… The Hampton Room by Four Seasons.

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